DEATH RACE is a next generation endurance race based on Grind Fest. This year, it will take place on The Loop on held Saturday, February 20th at an undisclosed time.. The race is a progression run starting at a set pace and gradually increasing per lap until only one person can hang.

  1. During COVID, at most twelve runners may race per Pack.
  2. One Pack races at a time.
  3. Laps must be run at The Loop clockwise.
  4. Packs will do a three lap warmup together at an easy pace.
  5. Upon starting the fourth lap, The Pack must be running at its target pace.
  6. Failure for any runner to stay with The Pack during a lap results in a warning. This is at a Judge’s discretion.
  7. Each lap must be completed four seconds faster than the previous.
  8. Running more than four seconds too fast or too slow results in a warning for the lap leaders in The Pack.
  9. Any runner that finishes behind pace and is separated from The Pack is immediately disqualified.
  10. Once The Pack is down to two runners, any Judge may ring the final Death Knell. Once the Death Knell is rung, then runners must race a final lap.

There will be at least three Packs at 6:30, 6:00, and 5:45 pace. This is all tentative until race time.

Starting paces are fluid based on the fitness of your group. There should be a good start pace for everyone.